Last update: 2019-10-13

URL analysis

Before clicking on that unknown potentially sketchy URL from your browser use one of these services to see if it is known to be bad or exhibits suspicious behavior without risking the sanctity of your computer.

Malware analysis

When you encounter a suspicious file, you need a way to figure out what it is and what it is trying to do. The days when a quick virus scan was enough are long gone – you need to know what those bits will do when they are executed on your system. These sites allow you to execute files safely (on someone else’s computer) and get a report as to what they would have done. Of course, you have to give the file to the service to do this, so think twice about submitting files which may include sensitive information.

Email analysis

With email, what you initially see is not what you probably get. It is really easy for malicious actors to spoof from addresses and other key information. Here are some tools to allow you to detect such shenanigans.

IP addresses and Domains

When you are looking through your logs and see some rando IP address or unfamiliar domain, you can use these tools to get more information.

Vulnerabilities & updates

Keeping your systems patched and up to date is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to keep the bad guys out of your systems. These sites will help you with that never ending task.