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Naming and shaming

So here’s a bit of an odd story… according to the Financial Times, the US Federal Reserve has publicly sanctioned…

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Grindr and US national security

Here’s an interesting development…the US federal agency which reviews foreign investments in US companies has ordered a Chinese firm to…

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In DPRK, Linux Watches You

A presentation from this past week’s Chaos Computer Congress shows how totalitarian states (like, in this case, North Korea) can…

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more details – microsoft’s deal with the nsa

This article from the Guardian claims that our friends in Redmond are cooperating with the NSA to give the spying…

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creepy but effective belgian internet safety psa

Via Gizmodo

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in which i dare disagree with security industry luminary bruce schneier

It’s not often that I disagree with Bruce Schneier, one of the leading lights of the security world… however, I…

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here… have a pill… what’s the worst that could happen?

Spear phishing has been in the news quite a bit lately – it seems like just about all of the…

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a post mortem tribute to (less than) mediocrity

I love the obituaries in UK newspapers… none of that namby pamby covering up of the dearly departed’s foibles or…

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truecrypt (and good passwords) 1, fbi 0

Looks like open source disk encryption software TrueCrypt has shown its mettle in a cybercrime case out of Brazil.   The…

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what happens in vegas gets blogged in vegas

End of July?  Vegas?   Security folk and shady folk in one place?   Stifling heat?  You know I’m there… (If anyone…