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E.U. software bug bounties for open source software ๐Ÿ‘

Here is a great example of how international cooperation can make the Internet more secure for us all… the European…

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Not all two factor authentication is created equal

Two factor authentication ย is an important security tool; by using 2FA, an attacker get ahold of your user name and…

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Open S3 Buckets: From Bad to Worse

Just when you thought that the whole “globally readable Amazon S3 storage buckets” thing couldn’t get any worse, it did….

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The (not paranoid enough) Android

The train wreck that is Android security continues… A new strain of malware by security firm Wandera found in China…

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Beware of mobile number port out scams!

I spend a lot of time telling people to use two factor authentication on their important web accounts.ย  This may…

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The ultimate outsider threat?

I know I have been blathering on about insider threats lately, so let’s go to the other extreme – the…

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Insiders on the outside

Homeland Security Magazine has a very interesting case study on an insider threat case involving DirecTV.ย  In this case, the…

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Outsourced security program failure leads to $100K regulatory fine

Another reminder of the importance of managing third party vendor relationships… The Commodity Futures Trading Commission fined AMP Global Clearing…

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Leaky buckets and acquisition best practices

There are three interesting things for CSOs to think about in this story on a leak of passport and other…

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Two factor authentication on web apps should be the default

tl;dr – If you are using Microsoft Office 365 (or any other hosted email solution) and have not enabled two…