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The (not paranoid enough) Android

The train wreck that is Android security continues… A new strain of malware by security firm Wandera found in China…

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Great DerbyCon talk on hunting for the bad guys

It sometimes seems to me that a lack of data is not the issue when patrolling your networks for signs…

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no, it’s not the end user’s fault

According to a survey released by endpoint security solution vendor Bromium, 79 percent of surveyed information security professionals view end…

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quick and dirty malware analysis

There are a number of web based tools that allow you to safely analyze the behavior of potentially malicious files…

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another android vuln allows malicious code injection

Another day, another Android vulnerability which allows malicious actors to inject malicious code into Android applications without triggering cryptographic safeguards….

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attackers are doing their homework – are you?

Some spear phishing wisdom from Security BSides SFO today… Rohyt Belani of PhishMe told an interesting story highlighting just how…

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gimme some of that old time religion (and malware)

According to a recent study by security firm Symantec, you are far more likely to encounter malware when visiting religious…

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apple’s java update addresses flashback – and more

Apple has been getting some grief over the past week or so for their handling of the “FlashBack” trojan which…

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your printers may not explode, but they might give hackers entree into your networks

So, remember a few weeks back, when the tech press got really silly, warning us that hackers could set our…

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beware the thumb (drive) of doom

So, you just found a USB thumb drive that someone left behind on a bus/train/taxi/spaceship… read this article BEFORE you…