Snail mail hacking

Some of the most effective hacks don’t require the attacker to touch your computer.

This article from Flashpoint provides some insight into how criminals are using plain old snail mail, specifically the US Postal Service’s change of address system and mail forwarding to redirect your correspondence and steal your identity and cash.

This seems to be a technique where the adversary has the advantage, as there is no validation by the USPS as to whether a change of address request is valid or not. The only way to even know whether someone is pulling this on you is to notice a decrease in the amount of snail mail you are receiving. I don’t know about you, but I receive so little physical mail today, it might take some time to notice that this is going on.

Hopefully, the USPS will sit up and take notice of these issues and come up with a better way of validating the identity of those asking for forwarding or change of address services.

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