An unsung cybersecurity hero

Here is some excellent reporting from ProPublica about an unsung cybersecurity hero. Michael Gillespie has helped thousands of people recover their files after they were victimized by ransomware. He does this work in his spare time and does not charge for his services. He has set up a web site where ransomware victims can identify the strain of ransomware that they have been afflicted with, and if it is one of the many that he has written decryption software for, get help to retrieve their files without paying the dirtbags who victimized them.

Michael does all of this work for the love of tech and out of a sense of service to people he will never meet. Take a few minutes to read his story and maybe send a few bucks his way via Patreon to support his work. (Yes, his screen name is “Demonslay335”) His work could help you, your family, your company or clients if ransomware strikes.

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