Insider Threat Resources – 01-Feb-2018


I have the privilege as serving as a mentor for a course at SUNY-Albany focusing on the problems posed by insider threats.   Since I am SUCH a wonderful mentor, I will be keeping an eye out for interesting resources for the students.  Since these might also be useful to others, I will be a list of them blogging them each week.

Best Practices

Mitigating the Inside Threat: Boeing’s Successful Approach
Security Magazine – Feb 2018
Requires free registration to read (which seems to be busted right now – hope they fix this as it sounds like an interesting piece)

Updating our Knowledge of Insider Threats
Measuring Organizational Confidence in Addressing Insider Threats
Conference Board of Canada – Jan 2018

7 Insider Attacks Behavioral Analytics Detects
CSO Magazine 2018-01-31

Recent Insider Incidents

2017 US State of Cybercrime Highlights on Insider Threats
US Veterans’ Administration

Just Interesting

What the Count of Monte Cristo Teach can teach us about Cybersecurity
IEEE Spectrum – Jan 2018

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