Sometimes the helpers need help too


I received some very sad news this morning – Melissa Claros (one of my colleagues at the Weehawken Volunteer First Aid Squad) lost her husband, Robert, suddenly this weekend.  Melissa and Rob shared love and a common desire to help their communities.  Rob was an EMT for the West New York ambulance squad and a volunteer fireman in their town in Pennsylvania and Melissa is a volunteer EMT here in Weehawken.   Rob was just 28 years old and he leaves Melissa not only with a broken heart, but also two young children to raise while she attends nursing school.

While there is nothing we can do to fill the void in Melissa’s heart left by Rob’s untimely passing, we can help her and her kids deal with some of the financial burdens which they face now and in the future.

Rob’s colleagues in West New York have set up a GoFundMe page to help the family out at this difficult time.  Rob and Melissa have consistently stepped up to help their communities.  Rob was and Melissa is “good people” who could use some help.

If you would like to help out someone who has spent a lot of time helping out others, please consider making a donation at



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  1. Thank you so much to the 80 people who viewed this post (and a special thank you to the folks who went on to visit the GoFundMe page)! Please share this far and wide – we need to take care of the first responders (especially volunteers) who take care of everyone else every day!

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