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what’s your personal data worth?

You might be surprised by how valuable your personal information is to cyber-criminals.  This article from Dark Reading contains a…

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japan cloud oopsie reveals confidential treaty data

A cautionary tale of cloud computing… apparently, a Google Groups group set up by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment…

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sometimes the “it department” isn’t the it department

For your social engineering reading pleasure…  the take aways?  First, operational security is important – this scam worked (at least…

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another android vuln allows malicious code injection

Another day, another Android vulnerability which allows malicious actors to inject malicious code into Android applications without triggering cryptographic safeguards….

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more details – microsoft’s deal with the nsa

This article from the Guardian claims that our friends in Redmond are cooperating with the NSA to give the spying…

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creepy but effective belgian internet safety psa

Via Gizmodo