the 80 percent solution

According to a study published by Danish security vendor CSIS

When a Microsoft Windows machine gets infected by viruses/malware it does so mainly because users forget to update the Java JRE, Adobe Reader/Acrobat and Adobe Flash

Most users (and many IT folks) don’t really think too much about these “helper” programs, even though they are installed on almost all workstations in our environments.  This makes sense, as users almost never run these programs knowingly – they get executed in the background when web pages are visited or documents are viewed.   Users do get reminders when new updates are available, but how often do your users take the time to let the updates install and reboot their systems?  Rolling these updates out is a pain in the nether regions, but the payoff (protection against 80% plus of the most commonly used attack vectors) is high.  Buy your IT guys and gals a beer and get this terrible trio on your periodic update schedule.  And remember to let users know when they need to update their personal systems…


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