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you are lied to between 10 and 200 times per day

According to LieSpotting author Pamela Meyer, we live in a sea of deception, lying and being lied to dozens if…

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can a handicap be an advantage for an attacker?

An interesting post from asks whether an attacker with a visible handicap (real or simulated) has an advantage in…

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security wtf of the week

Here is a textbook description of what companies should NOT do when someone privately reports a security vulnerability in their…

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how malware gets in

The latest edition of Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report provides some interesting analysis as to how computers get infected with malware….

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elephant repellent

Sometimes I feel like I’m selling elephant repellent: I identify a particular species of elephant (for example, compromise of our…

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some hotel safes not so… safe

You might want to watch this video before trusting your valuables to a hotel room “safe…” The evil unchanged default…

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the 80 percent solution

According to a study published by Danish security vendor CSIS… When a Microsoft Windows machine gets infected by viruses/malware it…