remember bird flu?

We're coming for you, humans....

A couple of years back, before the H1N1 swine flu was all the rage, all of us disaster obsessed types were focused on H5N1 bird flu, which in addition to being 4Hs worse than swine flu, had a human death rate of 60%.  Then swine flu came along (underwhelming us as far as global pandemics are concerned) and we all went back to worrying about people with explosives in their underwear.  Well, it seems that the birds and pigs have been plotting behind our backs, coming up with a new hybrid bird-pig flu, which in one case described in New Scientist magazine, developed a mutation which gives it the ability to bind to receptors found in the noses of pigs… and humans (cue ominous music, please).  Just a reminder that virii (like the rest of nature as far as I can tell) is out to destroy the human race.  And that we need to keep an eye on the flu.

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