photo kiosks dispense prints and extra bonus virii

Watch where you stick your thumb (drive)

From Risky.Biz… Customers at some convenience stores got a bit more than they bargained for when they used photo printing kiosks.  It seems that some kiosks at “Big W” stores run Windows.  And they don’t run anti virus.  And everyone and their brother brings their USB sticks (some infected with virii) to the stores to print.  You can see where this is going… the infected Fuji kiosks have been dispensing viruses to the USB sticks of customers.   The company is aware of the issue and is “currently testing” installing anti virus on the kiosks.  Hel-ll0 – the 1980s called and asked for their security policy back!

If you are partaking of the photo printing goodness of any of such kiosks, or sticking your USB drive into strange ports (I don’t judge…), make sure that you are running the very latest anti malware software on any of your own computers where you use said storage peripheral.

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