what happens in vegas gets blogged in vegas

End of July?  Vegas?   Security folk and shady folk in one place?   Stifling heat?  You know I’m there… (If anyone points out that “it’s a dry heat” I reserve the right to throw something heavy and possibly explosive).

I’m planning a Vegas double header this July, attending both Security B-Sides and DefCon.  I’m planning to blog/tweet during the festivities and would love to meet up with any of my readers… dm me (@alberg) when you are there… and if you are not planning to attend, consider it – both of these events are great places to learn security-fu, meet your peers (as well as many people whom you would not typically meet up with), and for the corporate types amongst us (myself included), they are very cost effective uses of your training budget dollars.

Nickel slot machines, here I come!

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