a word from our paranoid janitor

I’m just in a blogging frenzy today – this is what happens when I have 4 hours to kill on the Acela with wifi and power.    So here are a few housekeeping announcements…

If you’d like to be alerted to when there is a new post available on Paranoid Prose, you now have three, count em, three choices – follow my Twitter stream (@alberg),  subscribe to the blog in your favorite RSS reader, or sign up for an email subscription.
I also wanted to point out the availability of al’s paranoia links… each day in my travel around the interwebs (it’s a series of tubes, you know), I come across all sorts of articles which tickle my fancy, but which my limited blogging time (pesky day job!) precludes me from writing about.  You can access these links either here at Paranoid Prose, on Delicious or via an RSS feed.  Now you can see the raw material that goes into making me the miserable, cynical, paranoid recluse that I am.
Finally, if you are a security professional in the New York Metro area, I heartily recommend that you check out the NY Metro InfraGard web site and consider joining.  InfraGard provides a link between private sector security professionals and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Membership provides you with access to a wealth of information, programs, networking opportunities, and the FBI gives you a gun!  (OK, I made that last part up.)  Even without the free weaponry, it’s really worthwhile.

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