the magnets made me do it!

Can human morality be manipulated with magnetism?   According to some scientists from some rather august institutions, yes.

It seems that when a particular region of the brains of their test subjects were exposed to powerful magnetic fields, their assessment of how morally correct an action taken by a character in a story shifted from being focused on the morality of the act itself to being more focused on the outcome of the act.

Pretty strange stuff… I wonder how long it is going to take for someone to plead “not guilty by reason of magnetism” in court.  More importantly, does this finding point to a deterministic model of the mind?  Is that hunk of gefilte fish in our heads just a machine that operates using a yet to be discovered program?  Is all of man’s creativity just the “smoke” emitted by that machine?  Will my wife believe that I forgot to take out the garbage due to a fluctuation in the Earth’s magnetic field?  These are the questions which vex me… meanwhile, time for a new hat, just in case…

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