the $50,000 tweet?

Think before you post that angry tweet… a Chicago woman decided to post her displeasure with the alleged mold situation in her apartment to her Twitter account. Her landlord’s response was a lawsuit for “in excess of $50,000 in damages.”  It seems to me that this was an overreaction by the landlord – had they not filed suit, no one other than the poster’s followers would likely have heard about their (allegedly) fungally enhanced accomodations.  Now, the story has hit the twit and blog ospheres and (at least in my humble opinion), the landlord looks like a bit of a jerk.  Companies need to think about how to deal with threats to their brand on the Internets – and the first step in an effective response is triage.  Take a deep breath and think about what kind of damage is going to be done by a blog post, forum comment, or tweet and think about the consequences of taking action before getting the lawyers involved…


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