is your ipod working for the mob??


I take this as a good omen for the starting of my blog… today, Apple Insider reports on a gentleman from St. Louis, MO who filed a 128 page lawsuit against Apple Computer – and with good reason! It seems that the Mafia and Apple conspired to placed devices in his iPod to not only track his location, but also to inject threatening messages into his music. All of this was allegedly in furtherance of a plot dating back to 2000 in which the plaintiff was threatened by the Mob that if he didn’t go to New York and get into fashion modeling for them, he would be killed.

I for one applaud this brave American’s willingness to take on Apple… and the Mafia… and reality. It is about time that we iPod owners can stop having to worry about being forced to become fashion models! Power to the paranoid!


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